The Easiest German Potato Pancakes

Easy German Potato Pancakes (v, gf)

The German obsession with potatoes is one of the most real stereotypes there is. Potato dumplings, Dauphinoise potatoes, boiled potatoes, potato soup, potato salad, mashed potatoes - you name it, we love it here! Especially in my family this humble vegetable is the carbohydrate of choice and it was always a great day when my… Continue reading Easy German Potato Pancakes (v, gf)

beetroot soup

Beetroot Soup for Valentine’s Day (v, gf)

Do you also feel like January dragged on forever? After the holiday season the snowy and cold weather seems to have slowed down time somehow. But Frebruary is here now and that means Valentine's Day is right around the corner. While I do believe that this holiday has been commercialised to a ridiculous degree, I… Continue reading Beetroot Soup for Valentine’s Day (v, gf)

pumpkin mushroom pasta

Pumpkin Mushroom Pasta (v)

I know I'm really late to the pumpkin party, but I really want to post one last pumpkin recipe because these huge orange wonders are still in season and because they're just really good, so fight me ?‍♀️ Also this pumpkin mushroom pasta is so easy, yet delicious and satisfying that it really deserves a post… Continue reading Pumpkin Mushroom Pasta (v)

Kidney Bean Spread
Breakfast, Mains, Snacks

Mexican Kidney Bean Sandwich Filling

Before we get right into this delicious Mexican-inspired sandwich filling, I would like to report that I cannot use uni stress as an excuse not to post anymore! After 15 years (omg??) I have finally finished education!! ? Four years of uni came to an (somewhat anticlimactic) end with a final poster presentation last week.… Continue reading Mexican Kidney Bean Sandwich Filling

PB Chocolate Sweet Potato Smoothie with text overlay
Breakfast, Dessert

PB Chocolate Smoothie Bowl with Sweet Potato!

It has been a while since I lasted posted just because final year is the most stressful thing ever. I had so many reports to write last semester and two exams in January. And then I immediatly embarked on 3 months of just working on my Master's thesis every day ?. But I finally handed… Continue reading PB Chocolate Smoothie Bowl with Sweet Potato!