Carrot cake oatmeal topped with grated carrot, nut butter and seeds

Carrot Cake Oatmeal (v, gf)

With Easter just around the corner, carrot cake is raking in its yearly popularity again and for good reason. After all, the combination of sweet cake with a hint of spice, nuts and savoury is just delicious! However, it is unfortunately not socially acceptable or very good for you to eat cake all day. So… Continue reading Carrot Cake Oatmeal (v, gf)

The Easiest German Potato Pancakes

Easy German Potato Pancakes (v, gf)

The German obsession with potatoes is one of the most real stereotypes there is. Potato dumplings, Dauphinoise potatoes, boiled potatoes, potato soup, potato salad, mashed potatoes - you name it, we love it here! Especially in my family this humble vegetable is the carbohydrate of choice and it was always a great day when my… Continue reading Easy German Potato Pancakes (v, gf)