Spiced Apple Breakfast Quinoa

Spiced Apple Breakfast Quinoa (v, gf)

Even though 2019 is already in full swing, I would still like to say welcome! May it be a year full of personal growth and happiness! ? In the spirit of new beginnings, the first recipe for this year is a breakfast! This Spiced Apple Breakfast Quinoa combines the reliable apple-cinnamon combo with a new… Continue reading Spiced Apple Breakfast Quinoa (v, gf)

pumpkin mushroom pasta

Pumpkin Mushroom Pasta (v)

I know I'm really late to the pumpkin party, but I really want to post one last pumpkin recipe because these huge orange wonders are still in season and because they're just really good, so fight me ?‍♀️ Also this pumpkin mushroom pasta is so easy, yet delicious and satisfying that it really deserves a post… Continue reading Pumpkin Mushroom Pasta (v)


Two Autumn-Inspired Oatmeals (v)

It has been a while again, but I am back with a vengeance with these two delicious autumn oatmeal recipes. I'm in the final year of my degree and there is so much to do. On top of going to lectures and working on coursework, you're supposed to keep up with writing revision notes and… Continue reading Two Autumn-Inspired Oatmeals (v)