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Hi! My name is Selina and if you ask my friends they will confirm, that I am positively obsessed with food. Starting “Fossils & Fusilli” was a dream for quite a while and here we are finally!

I believe it’s possible to make delicious vegan dishes on a budget and with limited time available. Since I am definitely a sweet tooth, my other aim is to vegan-ize my favourite cakes! ?

Now that we covered the “Fusilli” part of my blog title, where do the “Fossils” fit in? It all started during my Master’s degree in Marine Biology, when I discovered my passion for evolutionary biology. In autumn 2018, I started a PhD in Archaeogenetics which is such a fascinating field and I am learning so much.

Feel free to message me with comments, questions or just to chat on my Instagram or through my contact page. I hope you enjoy my blog!